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Hilltop SisterHilltop Sister (2012) is the much anticipated third release from Thunderado, released two years almost to the day after All Time Gone.

For Thunderado's third album, the Houston trio decided to take matters into their own hands. Having recorded in some of Los Angeles' best studios on their first two outings, they felt it was time to make a self-recorded, homegrown album reminiscent of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tony Joe White, and 70's-era ZZ Top. Working out of a converted garage studio in the Heights neighborhood of Houston, Thunderado has created a tight collection of Gulf Coast delights drawing from blues, swamp, and 60's R&B. Hilltop Sister was recorded at Beebe Gunn Studio and mixed by Grammy winning producer Steve Christensen.

99 Years
Glass-Eyed Mona
Bending Like a Willow Tree
Snake in the Road
Baby Wears a Wig Hat
Can't Sell That Stuff No More
Hilltop Sister
Headed to Houston
Liar's Dice 

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All Time Gone

All Time Gone (2010) was recorded over a weekend with a few minimal overdubs afterward. It introduced the addition of Billy Walters on drums.

The record was released in early November 2010 accompanied by a West Coast and Southwest tour. The songs are more rock oriented than those on Thunderado, but still maintain the desert flare Thunderado has become known for.

Walters and Perrin met in college at a jam session. They reuninited eleven years later after Walters heard Thunderado on a podcast; discovering Perrin to be in the band, he offered his services and magic ensued.

Just Don't Open that Door
River the Same
Saturday Song
Little Dream
Come and Sit Here By My Side
One Dirty Secret
All Time Gone
At the Door That They Call Beautiful
Santa Anas
Over and Again

Listen to Thunderado on YouTube:

ThunderadoThunderado (2008) was recorded in two days using only the three musicians:  drummer Kenny Aronoff, bassist / singer Paul Beebe, and guitarist / singer Hunter Perrin.

Aronoff and Perrin got to know each other playing in John Fogerty's band.  The two have travelled the world playing shows with Fogerty, including an appearance with rock and roll pioneers Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

Beebe and Perrin grew up in Texas and have played music together since they were kids.

She Don't Come Around
Midnight Kiss Kiss
Is It Me?
See You Now
40 Days
When You Lie
Dumbin' Down the Numbers
Rosa Rosa
San Bernardino
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